Thursday, 25 June 2009

Michaelangel Montague displays @:::Italian Mood:::

Wednesday july 15th @2:00 am slt at the:::Italian Mood:::( Swina Allen and Sandy Demina will host the opening for the exhibit of Michaelangelo Montague wich will be the first of many others art events planned at the club so far mainly involved in musical promotions inworld.

For Sandy and Swina this reperesents the natural prosecution of their project directed to promote every form of art in Second Life, both native ans RL focused.

Michaelangelo Montauge is the SL name of an RL New York City artist who has been successful in many different media including film and television in the United States.

His work is part of the permanant collection of the Yves St.Laurent gallery at the YSL sim and the Aho Musuem of Art at NMC.

He has been shown in galleries representing almost every country in Europe as well as the US. His new innovative SL underwater photo are displayed on the 2nd and 3rd floors will appear in the upcoming SL fashion book "Captured".

Much of the RL work is digital art, some using nude photographs from the turn of the last century (circa 1900) reconstructed and painted digitally conceptually combining the new creative technology of the 20th century with the new creative technology of the 21st century.

His work includes painting, drawing and digital art. The digital art on display here are an attempt at exploring the idea of digital art as being as unique and one of a kind as any other art form.

Title and concept of the show - Art and Technology 1909-2009.
The concept behind many of these works is Art and Technology, 1909-2009. In these digital works, photos taken in the early 1900's when the new technlogy of photography was first employed in a creative way, is combined in a new way with the new digital technology of the 21st century, employing a primitive photo program to "draw" on the photo. using the photo itself as a medium, completely reconstructing it and then digitally painting it using translucent layers of color, "mixing" the colors on the image itself by by applying it in different layers.

Photoshop was intentionally not used on any of these works.

Many of the works are available in RL as signed and numbered giclee prints in limited editions of 10. No.1 of Manhattan Earthquake and Marilyn Electric has been sold. Prices vary as to size but generally range from $500 to $750 US depending on the size.

All his work are available both in SL (at the Italian Mood) or in RL( contact directly the artist).

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